How to determine a good nozzle performance? How can you see it? Nowadays as a consumer, we are constantly looking for faster delivery, cheaper price, quick response time, in order to be able to fit in a tight budget-and schedule. Living in a digital world, it is also quite easy...

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efficiency of disinfection and droplet size

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading worldwide, the disinfection business is on the top of online search. As “The Fog Engineers, we provide the right spraying equipment to efficiently atomize the disinfectant liquid that our customer chooses. But how do you know which spraying equipment is the best between all the...

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disinfection and sanitization

Hoe wordt onze AKIMist®”E” gebruikt voor desinfectie? In Italië wordt onze Dry Fog Humidifier AKIMist®”E” met Mendizza Water & technologie draagbare tankunit gebruikt om openbare ruimtes te desinfecteren en te ontsmetten met RENTACS ITALIA chemische vloeistof. In Slowakije gebruikt RealTime Technologies de Dry Fog luchtbevochtiger met een eigen draagbare unit...

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